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Written By: Jeremy (With Collaboration from Robin)

In 2013, my wife Robin and I decided to make a major life change. We sold our house, cars and a majority of our possessions, bought a 5th wheel travel trailer and a diesel truck, quit our corporate jobs and moved into a 450 square foot cabin, 9500 ft up a mountain with our two cats and two big dogs. All with the intention of slowing down, simplifying our lives, and experiencing more of this vast continent through travel.

With winter approaching quickly in the Rocky Mountains, we packed up and headed out on an eight month journey. At least to start, we are going to be what some people call “Snowbirds”. People that live in one house during the warmer months and then flee for warmer climates in their Recreational Vehicles when the weather turns. I guess we will also be what people call “Technomads”. Basically this term refers to people, like my wife and I, that are self employed, primarily conduct business online, and that live on the road as a lifestyle choice. Apparently we are a growing segment of the population. That is great as the online community of Technomads have been both an inspiration and a wealth of knowledge as we prepare for and begin our journey. We look forward to connecting more with this peer group along the way.

Prior to this decision, we were both working full time, climbing the corporate ladder, making great money, and on a collision course with what most people would consider a pretty happy and comfortable life and future retirement. All of that seemed great, except the part that had us both working 50+ hours a week for 30 more years waiting for that retirement to come around.

We decided to not have children and that decision has given us plenty of freedom. Up until now, we have been spending that freedom working harder and harder for more and more money, bigger and better houses in trendy neighborhoods, second homes, island vacations, brand new SUV’s, and $12 glasses of wine at hipster bars. As a DINK couple (Double Income, No Kids) finances were rarely an issue and life was pretty much going as planned. Given our rather fortunate position in life, even the Great Recession had not derailed us too much.

The only problem was that when my wife and I talked about our “ideal” life, neither one of us would describe the “planned” one we were living and neither one of us could figure out or justify why that was the case.  Undoubtedly fear, specifically, fear of change, was holding us back. Besides, we were starting to find ourselves the oldest people at those downtown hipster bars, and most of the time we were just as happy buying a whole box of wine at home for the price of two glasses served by a snotty bar waitress, half our age.

Although Robin has always found her employment in education more personally fulfilling than I found my engineering jobs, she was also struggling with the balance between her life goals and the goals her employer had in mind for her life. Over a couple of glasses of wine one evening, I suppose we finally decided that we have already spent too many days living our work and trying to make our life. It was time for us to flip the table and start living our life and making our work.  We had talked about selling it all and buying an RV to travel the country for as long as I can remember. Until now, those conversations usually ended with a long sigh and the empty words “maybe someday”.

Along with the physical journey, for me there is also the journey of career. Although my wife has this figured out better than me, I am still trying to figure out what I want to do for a living. Not necessarily how to make money, but what I really want, is to figure out what I want to do with my life. There is this crumpled up fortune cookie “fortune” that I have carried in my wallet for years. Kind of cliche, I know, but regardless, part of the journey for me is to figure out how to get this piece of paper out of my back pocket and into the course of my life.

For Robin, who has already figured out the fortune I am wrestling with, the fortune she got was a little more direct in regards to her future…

This is the travel blog-site for Jeremy and Robin. Here is where we intend to share our journey toward success in life and fill in  some of the details of what goes on after we get up in the morning and before we go to bed at night; wherever that may be. Sometimes we may post together and sometimes we may post separate. Either way, this blog will be our outlet to our friends, family, and anyone else that wants to read along as we Live, Breathe, and Move.

Hope you enjoy!

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