Happy New Year! – From Live, Breathe, Move

We spent the final two weeks of the year camping in Arizona in our newly solar powered home on wheels after having crisscrossed the country twice in a little over two years of mostly full time traveling. From Colorado to Florida to California to Maine and back again with a few stops inbetween it has been quite a journey. We spent some time this week reflecting on this strange and at times challenging lifestyle, what we have given up to maintain it, as well as what all it gives us back in return.

We have spent the last two holiday weeks the same way we have spent a good portion of the year – at home with our family. We did a little bit of work and a lot of hiking and playing with our dogs and cats. We meditated. We cooked and ate great food and we drank a few tasty beverages. We spent time with friends and neighbors. We listened to some good music and we watched some good TV (and some bad). We watched the sunrise and set, gazed at the stars and went to bed early and slept as long as we pleased. We have genuinely enjoyed attempting to squeeze out every last present moment of what has been a pretty cool year!

Wishing all our traveling and stationary friends across the globe a Happy New Year!


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