Life on the Edge – The Grand Canyon

We spent the last week boondocking outside of Grand Canyon National Park. We found a great free site about five miles from the entrance. The site was a little tight but we squeezed in and enjoyed a few glorious half days exploring the Grand Canyon and some pretty decent remote camping during an otherwise typical work week with questionable weather. We did however have great weather during a couple of trips in the park for some hiking and exploring. We did one with the dogs on the South Rim Trail and then a second hike down the South Kaibab Trail into the canyon a ways.


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There is nothing better than a free boondocking spot five miles from the entrance to a national park. Well, at least that is the case if you don’t have an LP regulator failure and have to drive an hour to try to find the part to fix it. And if you then have to drive back a second time to get an adaptor to make the first part work, it becomes somewhat less desirable a location. RV life giveth and taketh away I guess.  I digress, back to the canyon. Since I am not really feeling like looking up different ways to say “spectacular”, “awesome” and “the photos don’t do it justice”, I will just leave this one as a photo journal. Click the photo for larger view. Seriously though if you have never been to the Grand Canyon this is without a doubt something you should see in person and from the edge.

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