On the Road Again – Glamping our Way West

We are back on the road. After the always exciting extraction of our home from the top of the mountain 9300 feet up, we started with a quick few nights at the beautiful Glenwood Canyon RV Resort . This was a great but pricey park just off of I-70 in a scenic mountain location just outside of Glenwood Springs, Colorado.

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We used to live in this area years ago and we took the opportunity to catch up with some close friends who had us over for dinner and a fun night catching up.

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This location is also only a few miles from the animal shelter where our boy Hank entered our lives as a malnourished stray wondering around a mobile home park near Vail. The picture below was one of his first camping experiences (at least with us) over a decade ago in Aspen. I would say his life has come full circle. Looking back at our lives those days, I think ours has too although I do kind of miss that jeep.


As much as we love our summer mountain home, it is remote and being in an RV “resorts” was a real treat to start off our journey. We won’t always stay in these types of places and we do typically enjoy getting away from it all. But every once in a while a week or two of “glamping” is just what the doctor ordered. After a summer in which we ran the heater or burned a fire every single night, we were ready to kick back, relax and enjoy the good life and some lower altitudes and warmer temps. Omar certainly enjoyed it.

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The RV park bar and grill was also a rare treat we could not pass up. Food, drinks and atmosphere were tremendous especially considering it was a campground!

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We found a great hike right from the campground including some old mining ruins and a mountain stream for cooling off. What more could you ask for in a Park?

IMAG1956 (1024x575) IMAG1959 (1024x575) IMAG1946 (1024x536)

From here we were on to Moab Utah where we continue our glamping exodus for another week.

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