Xmas at the Fair, Sideways in Buellton, and La Verne.

After Chowchilla, we made our way back north near my brother and sister in law’s place and back to the Pleasanton, Alameda County Fairgrounds where we enjoyed a civilized and traditional holiday with family.

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After the holidays we headed back south to the town of Beullton in Santa Barbara County Wine Country at the Flying Flags RV Park. This is the setting for the 2004 Paul Giamatti film “Sideways” and I always kept hearing that funky weird tune from the movie as we drove and walked around town and visited various breweries and wineries. We had a good time for a week in this small but funky, fun place.


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From Buellton we continued south to a very nice park outside of LA/Pasadena near LA Verne, CA. The East Shore RV Park was a spacious country park and we had an above average spot in the relatively full park with plenty of full time residents. Having spent a majority of our time this year in crowded RV parks or fairgrounds, this spot was a nice change. We spent a quiet working week here and we had the opportunity to visit with some very close friend who live in Pasadena.

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